SF Dresden Dicemasters

Getting the Eye of Mab


…. coming from last game, Hoffman, Ivan, and Scott are at the Inn.

Ivan tries to Jackie Chan up to get the Bear’s Head. Doesn’t work. The proprietor of the Inn is a goat-headed fae with a glamour! She yells a loud alarm, and Ivan grabs the bear head. We run for the car. Scott zaps the floor of the corridor to stop the fae from giving chase. The goat lady falls in!

We run for the car. A man-goat with a gnarly spiked club chases Scott. He misses and the hit shakes the earth! Then another blow knocks the bumper clean off. Our heroes get away.

Three goat fae in total: the one with the club, one with a machine gun, and the proprieties. But we get away.

Regrouping at a donut shop, a couple of witches turn up: a big hippie-ish dude and a baby goth girl. She pulls a gun, but Ivan moving at super speed gets her gun hand with a sword. Nate shows up … just in time to take a punch from the big thug, which bangs him up but turns him into a walrus. Hoffman blinds the thug … and we are driving out of there to the Temple of Hermetic Light.

Scott calls Fr. Bota. We get to the Temple around 4:30 am, bang on the door. Fr. Bota is there, in his robe. Nate borrows a spooky robe. Bota reports that they won’t be able to track the Eye in the Temple, and needs to check the authenticity of the Eye and break the ward before we get paid.

Hoffman and Scott nap, Ivan steals a couple of old books. Scott (but not Hoffman) is awakened by loud chanting in a Weird Old Language. In the ritual room, the circle is glowing … and the ward is now visible on the bear’s head … and then the ward is dispelled. Bota pulls out the Eye of Mab.

And we get paid.

Back at the Hoffcave, Sam drops by … and then Thor shows up, surprised that Bota hasn’t contacted him. Thor warns that trouble may be coming.

We split up to hole up at Sam’s office. Hoffman gets made by a woman watching from across the street. He hexes her cellphone, then gets zapped by her with magic wind. Scott spots what happened and zaps her. She’s banged up badly enough to need medical attention, so we call Moon and tell her to pick up her injured soldier.

When we regroup at Sam’s office, we call Tabitha the Wizard’s Council big gun. She tells us to meet at the Temple. When we get there, we missed the party: a bunch of cultists are dead and messed up from a powerful force. (But not Bota.) Confused ghosts. Ivan robs the safe, finds a little money and an avarice demon in a box. Tabitha says, we’re going … to Crystal Grove, the witches’ shop.

But the front door is kicked in that there’s disarray. The wards were blown. Scott calls Lily, she says she’s on the way to the ritual in Marin. (We can wardrive for the Eye again!) We find a blonde hair which is full of charge … that matches Tabitha. She’s craaaazy and gonna kills Hoffman pulls the leaf, and Thor sweeps in on a warm wind.

Tabitha and Thor trade a few blows. She knocks him out the front door then wards the back doors, keeping him out and us in. Scott zaps her, knocking her back and disarming her. Ivan runs up and spits in her eye. Sam blasts her with wind. Thor gets through the door. Hoffman strikes her blind. Ivan spits her again. She’s KO’d.

Thor finds the Eye on her. “I’ll take care of this.”

Ivan asks Thor, “What would you like to be called?”

“The Knight of the Dawn.”


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