SF Dresden Dicemasters

Looking for Lucy's pendant

Looking for lust in all the wrong places

Meeting Victor

“Patch” Hoffman is at the Red Room and is approached by Victor von Lonio, a White Court vampire and slumlord. Victor von Lonio reports that is his sister Lucille was murdered — killed in an alley in the Tenderloin with a sword — and her silver necklace was stolen. The necklace, he says, is an artifact, but only useful to his family.

The scene of the crime

“Patch” Hoffman & Content Not Found: scott go to the alley where she was killed. Path gets a vision of what happened:

  • shock and terror on the girl’s face
  • the sword has the matched crescent moons hilt of a Thelemic ritual sword
  • “never again” written on the wall in white blood
  • impressions of vengeance, loss, and satisfaction

“Old Joe”, a homeless guy, is usually to be found in the neighborhood, but has disappeared since the murder. But he has friends named Roger and Wally, and that leads eventually to finding Old Joe in another part of town ….

Old Joe’s tale

A man in robes argued with the woman, telling her, “You knew I’d find you.” She was horrified but didn’t fight back.

At the morgue

“Patch” Hoffman and Content Not Found: ivan break in “invisibly”. Her blood is weird, and we got samples of both her blood and her hair but could not find her autopsy paperwork. Ivan licked the coroner during their escape.

At the bar in the Tenderloin

Content Not Found: nate

Next to the alley. Site of her last drink. Witness says that she was there and walked out with a guy.

Victor’s office

“Patch” Hoffman

She was working with Kitty of Wraith (White Court house of lust). Victor revealed that his house, Skavis, rules despair.

Talking to Lucille’s secretary

Talking to Content Not Found: suzy, the secretary, we learned that Lucille was short-tempered, cruel, and demanding. She was getting threatening letters: “your time is coming, the scales must be balanced”. Victor is also the last of the locals in his family; in addition to Lucille, two enforcers have been killed.

Taking leave

“Patch” Hoffman secured a matching pendant, the letters, a printout of Lucille’s calendar, and bruises from Victor.

At the dungeon

THe whole party. Content Not Found: scott did most of the talking.

Kitty is, of course, a babe. She evidently knows what it’s all about but will not tell what it is. “This could be bad for my business.” She recognizes that the man with the cloak and sword must be (of course) a wizard.

Recovering the pendant

We finished making a detector for stuff related to the pendant: Joe reveals that he is a total creep and yes, he knows about the pendant … and pawned it.

So we go to the pawnshop and recover the pendant; the pawnshop guy won’t recognize us.

The plan

  • Nate runs with the pendant and a burner phone. We have signals for “run”, “come back”, “we’re in trouble”
  • Old Joe gets shipped off to LA
  • The rest go to meet the wizard

Trying to find the wizard

Rental place has someone connected to the letter writer; it’s a little one-story tenement with a FOR RENT sign.

We lock pick our way in and encounter an invisible dude. He has a scary zap wand, a robe, and a mask. He runs, Ivan chases. He seems anguished.

“We need to talk.” We plan to meet at the park.

Tools we now have

Pendant detector. Letter detector. Knowledge of Lucille detector.


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