SF Dresden Dicemasters

Deciding what to do with Lucy's pendant

A tiger by the tail

At the park

The Masked Mage, who is evidently a wizard, shimmers into view with a robe and a mask, shimmering into existence.

He explains that the pendants are like batteries that soak up the suffering of the people in the tenements. The Skavises had killed his sister, so he’s gunning for Victor.

We make a plan: meet Victor in public — at the alley of the killing — so the Masked Mage can kick his ass.

We call Victor and plan to meet with him at 3 a.m., summon Scott back to bring us the pendants, and get ready.

At the alley

Content Not Found: nate_ hides on a fire escape with Patch’s shotgun. Content Not Found: ivan_ stealths in. “Patch” Hoffman and Content Not Found: scott approach normally.

We make the exchange, but then Victor vamps out, throws Patch against a wall. Ivan swords the vamp. The Masked Mage de-cloaks and hits him with the blasting wand. Scott walrus-izes and drops right on the vamp. Hoffman: “This could have been business.” A bunch of fighting …

… and the Warden of the White Council de-cloaks and goes after the Masked Mage.

In a hard fought battle, we kill the vamp.

Meanwhile, the Warden says, “Jonas, you need to stop this.”

We collect the cash, vampire head and fingers, and pendants.

Jonas, the Masked Mage, says, “Tabitha, you know I cannot do that.” So she kills him.

She explains that he wasn’t just going after the vampires. We give her the pendants.


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