Ivan Ivanov

I am the night...Cat burgler and red court infected. He'll steal your stuff and you'll only feel a breeze.



Age: 45 (appears to be late 20’s)
Template: Red Court Infected
Power level: Waist-deep
Skill cap:
Refresh: 3


High Concept Aspect: What’s yours is mine.
Trouble aspect: Summer Court wants their jewelry back.

Background – Aspect: Problem with authority.
Trouble in high school leading to eventual arrest and reeducation.

Rising Conflict – Aspect: Always have a backup plan.
Bobby, my high school best friend, now serving time in the State Pen (for a long time now).
Ivan recruited by Mr. Black, a Red Court vampire, to be part of his crew.
Infected unwillingly (and by surprise).
Dodged out during a job with the goods.
Bounced around since then. This was around 1985 when I was 19.

The Story – Aspect: Never leave a man behind.
Stealing from the Summer Court with the help of “Patch” Hoffman.
A mortal friend and ally, Joanne Hartford, (known to Patch too) was stranded behind in the Never Never. She’s being hunted as a transformed hart (?) by the fae.

Guest Star – Aspect: Don’t screw with the White Council.
Crossed paths with Nate.
Warden of the White Council.
Seen the council in action.


Addictive Saliva (yum)
Blood Drinker
Feeding Dependency
Inhuman Speed
Cloak of Shadows


Great +4

Good +3

Fair +2

Average +1


Ivan grew up in a rough neighborhood in Los Angeles, the child of Russian immigrants. He got involved with a rough crowd in high school, and started breaking into places for the thrill and the easy cash for goods stolen. Got caught breaking into someplace big but his friend, Bobby, wound up taking the time, and Ivan got out of jail within a year. Unfortunately, out of jail, an ex-con, he wound up getting recruited by Mr. Black to join his crew. It turns out that Mr. Black is a Red Court vampire, which Ivan found out when Black surprised and turned him. Ivan didn’t care for this at all and during one of the next jobs, he grabbed the goods and ran for it, never to go near LA (and hopefully Mr. Black) again. Since then, he’s been a lot more careful in his planning but not always careful enough.

After a short while, he wound up in San Francisco and connected with Patch. Ivan’s eyes had been opened to the supernatural by his vamp experience and he heard that the Fae had goods worth taken. With the help of Patch, he broke into a palace of the Summer Court and stole some jewelry. In mid-job, Ivan, Patch and others ran into the Fae though. One of Ivan’s crew and friends, Joanne Hartford, didn’t quite make it through the portal out of the Never Never, being grabbed by the Fae. Ivan has heard rumors that they didn’t kill her, though he assumed she was dead for a long time. He’s known Path for the 25 years since this job, occasionally working with him on jobs as he continually tries to resist the cravings to drain someone to death.

Something something something about Nate and the White Council, specifically a Warden. I don’t remember the details here.

Ivan Ivanov

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