Nate Moss

Thundering bull



Age: 25
Template: Were-walrus
Power level: Waist-deep
Skill cap: Good
Base Refresh: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 7 – 5 = 2


High Concept
Enraged eco-activist

Relentless bull

Excess in pursuit of virtue is not a vice
Tusks for justice
Sometimes restraint is useful
It’s going to be awesome, you’ll see




Great (+4)
Might, endurance

Good (+3)
Athletics, flippers

Fair (+2)
Intimidation, Discipline, Conviction, Burglary

Average (+1)
Alertness, Rapport, Presence (Charisma), Investigation


Beast Change (-1)
Echoes of the beast (-1)
Human Form (+2 – involuntary by rage)
Inhuman toughness (-2)
“The Catch” – moderates Toughness – presence of baby animals returns to human) +1
Inhuman strength (-2)
Claws (actually – Tusks) (-1)
Aquatic (-1)

Total refresh adjustment: 5


Nate is a white kid from Pennsylvania whose family moves to Nome on account of his oil-surveyor father. Horrified by the effects of drilling, spills and degredtation of the ocean, burning with desire to smash the instruments of eco-destruction, he learns the power of shape-shifting from an Inuit man (who may have been a shaman, and may have been a half-baked Casteneda-esque trickster) – and finds that when he is angry, he shape-shifts into a large, angry bull walrus.

Now a “professional” radical ecological activist, he roams the country, working with local groups to sabotage or destroy developments he sees as ecologically harmful. Having been sold out to the FBI by a weak-willed colleague in an operation to burn down some fur farms in the Midwest, he comes to San Francisco in search of funding for his next series of actions (sabotaging tar-sands drilling in Alberta, Canada). While in San Francisco, he stumbles across an oil industry shindig at the Moscone Center – enraged, he turns into a walrus and attempts to crush/gore them. Fortunately Koko happens to be there and ices Nate/Walrus, and glamours the execs.
Guest Star: Koko

Wandering the city, looking for angles, schemes and ways to make money quickly, he wanders into the Asian Art Museum. There he finds an amazingly precious goblet on display – and is eyeing its defences just as Scott Lee is doing the same. Later that night, both break in to try to steal it. Nate, the rank amateur, gets away only by virtue of tailing along behind Scott. The walrus form is not on display.
Guest Star: Scott Lee

Guest Star Redux: TBD


Nate Moss

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