"Patch" Hoffman

Cranky sorcerer



Age: 59
Template: Focused practitioner
Power level: Waist-deep
Skill cap: Great
Refresh: 7-5 = 2


Passion for knowledge
Veteran of the (occult) counterculture
No good deed goes unpunished
Willing to make a deal

Trouble aspect: Everybody owes favors


Sight, Ritual (Crafting), Channeling (Perception)



Great +4


Good +3

Lore, Discipline, Scholarship

Fair +2

Conviction, Burglary, Resources

Average +1

Alertness, Craftsmanship, Stealth, Guns, Deceit

Hoffman’s stuff

The loft

Hoffman lives in a loft near 9th & Foslom. He has a library, a ritual room, and space for the gang to meet and crash.

The magic cellphone

Doesn’t get fried

The amulet

Effects are secret


This is a bit different from what we discussed in the original session. I’ve decided to cast Scott Glenn rather than Saul Rubinek in my mental movie, which shifts him to be a little more rock ‘n’ roll than previously conceived.

Hoffman graduated from high school in West Texas in 1970, and immediately caught a bus for San Francisco to join the counterculture that had already started to leave the hippie movement behind. That didn’t stop him from tuning in, turning on, and dropping out; before long he was living a life of weirdness that included getting clued in to the occult world.

Robbers of the Fae
Hoffman’s and a bunch of his old friends were recruited by the Summer Court to fight San Francisco’s Winter Court. Things went badly sour, breaking up Hoffman’s former crew. But in the process, Hoffman befriended Ivan by helping him recover some of his friends’ hair clippings from the fae.

I’ve Got a Secret
A rich guy blackmailed by Koko hired Hoffman to do the detective work to catch her. He caught her, and got her to hand over the goods … by promising to use his magical skills to help her pull jobs like that again in the future.

Undefined crossed path

"Patch" Hoffman

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