Barbara Whitmore

City Comptroller, White Court Vampire

Carlos Hernandez

Exu head, gay, runs Botanica Quita Maladicion

Chakra Khan

NLP-practicing, yoga instructing, Reiki practicing, life coach

Doctor Patch

Weird-positive Vet who serves the medical needs of the occult community.

Frater AMRS

runs Hermetic Temple of Light, a mask-wearing fraternal order, operating out of an old Victorian. Secret Pawn of Summer Court

Frater Bota

Hermetic Temple of Light Member

Jamie the Arborist

Half-Dryad arborist.


Pixie. You trapped him once, remember?

Laughing Sally

drunk, old homeless woman. Orphan. Hangs out @ the Red Room

Lily Nightsky

Clerk at Crystal Grove

Ling-pei Chan

Female sorceror, martial artist, and CTM practicioner

MoonEagle Shadowwolf

runs grand coven (of 13 × 13 witches), Eclectic, owner of Crystal Grove, an SF Metaphysical shop. Secret Pawn of Winter Court


Local Warden

Tim Porter

writes weird shit column for Street Sheet
face of “Open Secret” theme


bartender at Bourbon & Branch
face of “A Place for Everyone” theme


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